Finding Purpose

Many days have passed me by
I know not what I’ve done with them
Nor what they’ve done to me
For I’m suffering from a disconnection
To this life I trudge through day by day
I see no progress and no purpose
To the things I have to do
I see no point in trudging further
In this doom and in this gloom

A butterfly lands on my arm
And flaps its wings in front of me
It flies away and back again
Inviting me to watch it go
I look up from the water’s edge
And see what it wants me to
The sunset fur of a female deer
Shackled fast into the ground
By nasty jaws of steel and chain

My heart cries out at this injustice
At the cruelty of mankind
To inflict upon a living being
Such pain and suffering
I step out of my weighted shoes
And run to give some aide
Releasing my new friend
And disposing of the trap of death
I see the light and meaning now.

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