I sat in silence trying to find answers
Clear your head and think of nothing they said
I was trying so hard, but my head was like a market place
Each thought screaming louder than the next
For each felt it needed more attention
See them as clouds and let them drift by
It’s okay that they come, but just let them go
They would not leave, details and decisions needed
I breathed in another deep cleansing breath
And puffed out the thought and blew it away
But another saw the opening and dived right in
Just like a driver in traffic filling a too small gap
I had to pause, slow down to let it in
I tried again to focus on the words
To breath and let my mind go clear
But my thoughts had other ideas
Every single one wanted to be heard at that moment
Like the end of season sale they’d all gathered in a frenzy
I hadn’t even realized there were so many waiting
I closed my eyes tighter, thinking I could shut them out
But they kept on coming, voices loud and clear
I opened up my eyes and stared at the candle lit in front of me
I saw the orange and the yellow and the purple and the blue
I watched it burn, I watched it dance, I just watched
And as I watched this fire mesmerized I stopped to think
I heard the silence of my thoughts, I found an answer there.

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