I’m sorry if I hurt you for I never meant to
I had to walk away, I had to leave
Our paths were diverging, we were changing every day
The world was calling to me to come this way
I had to find my own path, I had to come and see
This is the way it was meant to be
I had to leave to set you free, also to find the real me
I’m still finding myself each and every day
I’ve already come such a very long way
I’ve only ever wished the best for you
For you to find the path that is your own
We never did discuss this parting of our ways
We were destined for our paths to cross
To share a little of our lives
But our paths diverged again and off we had to go
Friends for a little while, but indents for a lifetime
I thank you for the lessons and the memories
And wish you peace, growth and happiness
On every step you take along your way.


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