Feel like eating

Feelings and emotions are those things I eat
Not for breakfast, nor for lunch and neither for my dinner
It’s all those other minutes and those other hours in between
You may ask what they look like when I scoff them down
Sadness looks like a whole big slab of milky chocolate
Eaten in one sitting, well of course
Anger is a Cinnabon or two, or maybe a donut will do
It must be sugar filled and sinful to the max
Jealousy you would expect to come in green
Not leafy vegetables or anything like that
Peppermint tart will do the trick today
Hopelessness and depression are not only one thing
An eating frenzy of all that is good… or bad
Shoveling it in like there is no tomorrow
Well isn’t that what hopelessness implies?
I’ve forgotten to include the liquid elements in this
Grief often has food sticking in my throat
Some whiskey or some wine will help me swallow this
So many of these feelings I have mentioned
Have a large dose of fear included in with them
This too combines the sweet, the fizzy and the dough
Happiness, joy and fulfillment have a taste all of their own
They do not seem to have the need
For stuffing of one’s face, nor secret bites of hidden treats
They fill my stomach from the heart
And thus there is no guilt to come after these as with the others
And there I go again, as guilty is a big fat slice of chocolate cake.


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