Please don’t share

I understand your need to share the news
But please don’t share the doom and gloom with me
I am aware that it is happening all around us
Every single day and every single hour
I have much sympathy for the victims of these crimes
I have a great big heart with which I care
But I also struggle each and every day
To keep the utter overwhelm and sheer hopelessness at bay
I have a deep, dark pit which I often do inhabit
And when I read the horror and the terror
I fall a little further down into the depression of this hole
You might call me an ostrich for burying myself from the truth
But I do not feel my soul was built for this constant assault
Of the telling and the showing of the violence and scares
The story of abuse leaves me with days of nightmares
So I ask you please to consider why it is you feel the need
To press the sharing button on these tales of despair
I do know what’s going on even if you keep it to yourself
But I live in hope that if I focus on the good and cheerful
It might grow and overtake the painful and the tearful


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