I made a mistake and I’m not exactly sure what

But I know that I faltered and failed

Because you snatched your love away with such speed

I’m lost and bereft and feeling quiet empty now

I still struggle to understand this

We were playing and having such fun

Living the life that all children should

I did something that hurt you in some way

Unconscious, unintentional, all an accident

But like a switch that was flipped

You’re closed to me, cold and indifferent

I’m sorry that you’ve felt that my mistake

Is unworthy of forgiveness or relent

In your removal of affection, love and care

For I’m but a little child

But not to fear for I’m learning the lesson that you teach

If hurt or offended by another

I should shut the door, raise the walls and imprison my heart

Making sure the other knows that they have failed me

Love conditional on their correct behaviour always


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