Not obliged

Attention borne of obligation hurts more than none at all

For I do not wish to be your pity project nor an afterthought

I also wish not to be remembered for the use I can provide

Not to be manipulated and abused not taken of advantage

If you truly wish to share an honest relationship with me

Then venture forth with open heart and open arms

And do not leave behind the truth and loyalty

For loving me in every form is not impossible

But I shall not take seconds nor mediocre nor anything less

Than I have learned that I am most definitely worth.


I say not that I am deserving of this love

For to be deserving one would need to do something

I should not have to do a thing but be myself

For you to share your heart and care with me

I have been worthy of this from the day of my birth

I believed perhaps you felt something for me once

But much time has passed and much has happened

I wish not to defend myself nor feel the need

Bother to learn the being that I am today and if you so do feel

Let me know that you care in any little way, or simply do not stay

But please, oh please do not pretend to love me because you feel you ought.


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