Do cry

Hush, hush little baby please don’t cry

For your tears make me seem incompetent

From hence our tears are wiped away

Tears not acceptable to society

They are to be shushed and gotten rid of

No sobbing noise must disturb another


The crying adult often seen as weak

Frequently side-stepped and avoided

For one cannot comprehend their wailing

When one is not intimately acquainted

With the feelings, trying oh so hard

To be freed, experienced and then understood

Within the body that they themselves inhabit


These droplets that do fall from our eyes

Have long been totally misunderstood

They do not represent any instability

Nor feebleness nor any shortcomings

A tear for different reasons shed

Rids us of numerous toxic substances

And quenches the burn and pain of the soul


New lessons need to be taught

Cries for healing reasons should be had

For bottled up and hidden away

The toxins fester and corrode

And leave behind a broken soul.


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