Landscape of this earth

Day 9 Poetry intro Challenge: Landscape - apostrophe 
(addressing a person or object directly)

Pounding, thudding and drumming on the sand

Inconsistent with any logical understanding

This brings me peace and harmony

Your musical song of flow and ebb

Drowns out my inner shouting

Leaving me with a vacant mind

To delve down deep within and explore

I find meaning and understanding

From the thunder of your roar


And just as suddenly you quiet to a gentle lapping

Silent reflection on your surface and on mine

You are my healer, my doctor and my muse

Your vibrant hues an inspiration

I drink you in with all my senses

And thank you for your curing

The only payment I can offer you

Is to reduce my footprint on this landscape

That is you


I come back to you, be you sea or sand, grass or forest

To comfort my soul and revive myself

But sadness clouds my eyes

For the human race has lost its respect for you

For your gift of mending the broken

Your ability to revitalize and energize us

They’ve left you scarred and bare

Polluted and intoxicated

I can only offer my apologies and try my best

To show them the error of their ways

In destroying the awe-inspiring landscape of this earth


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