Screen wins me over

Day 6 Poetry intro Challenge: Screen - enjambment

I swore that I would never

trade bound pages for a screen. But then

I had no space left to pack even 1 book

for our holiday. That screen could

hold more than 100 books. It wouldn’t matter

if I finished one. I thought that I would just

try two. The app was free and so too

were many, many books. I started off with

three. Just for this vacation it would be. When

we got back I continued to finish the last

of those three. On the treadmill and the

stationary bike too. Waiting at the

doctor’s rooms and in a longer line than

expected at the pharmacy. My book is always

with me as I never leave home without

my phone. And because it’s on a screen

that lights up, I can even read it

in the dark. I still love the feel

of those paper books that I have not

read yet, but with space getting less

I’ll no longer need my own library at

home. So I’m increasing my three.

I will however need another

appointment with my optometrist.


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