The ride

Day 4 Poetry intro Challenge: Journey - similies

Don’t close your eyes in fear ‘cause life will just pass you by

The highway of life has the slow, the mellow and the rushed and angry

Those that live the ride and those that just want to reach their destination

They miss the beauty between here and there

Sometimes you’ve got to turn your head to the side

To enjoy all that life has to offer

The picture isn’t only in front of you

It’s made more interesting by everything that’s around

It’s the clouds above, the mountains to the right

And the little patch of water shining like a mirror to the left

It’s the crow on the fence post and the cows in the pasture

It’s the cosmos flowers signalling the coming of winter

All these things paint the wonder of life like a glorious master piece

If you face only forward you’re going to miss the best parts

We’ll all get to our final destination, but will we remember the ride?


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