Landscape of this earth

Landscape of this earth
Day 9 Poetry intro Challenge: Landscape - apostrophe 
(addressing a person or object directly)

Pounding, thudding and drumming on the sand

Inconsistent with any logical understanding

This brings me peace and harmony

Your musical song of flow and ebb

Drowns out my inner shouting

Leaving me with a vacant mind

To delve down deep within and explore

I find meaning and understanding

From the thunder of your roar


And just as suddenly you quiet to a gentle lapping

Silent reflection on your surface and on mine

You are my healer, my doctor and my muse

Your vibrant hues an inspiration

I drink you in with all my senses

And thank you for your curing

The only payment I can offer you

Is to reduce my footprint on this landscape

That is you


I come back to you, be you sea or sand, grass or forest

To comfort my soul and revive myself

But sadness clouds my eyes

For the human race has lost its respect for you

For your gift of mending the broken

Your ability to revitalize and energize us

They’ve left you scarred and bare

Polluted and intoxicated

I can only offer my apologies and try my best

To show them the error of their ways

In destroying the awe-inspiring landscape of this earth

The things that bring me pleasure

The things that bring me pleasure

I’m a bit behind on my poetry days, but catching up. Anaphora is the repetition of words at the beginning of a sentence and epistrophe repetition at the end of the sentence. I hope you enjoy my attempt.

Day 8 Poetry intro Challenge: Pleasure - anaphora & epistrophe

I have been given this exercise to do

I have been tasked with this chore

I have been told to find that which gives me pleasure

I have not been able to write it down

I have had to think very hard on this

I chose to do this course

I chose to delve down deep within

I chose to search among my shadows

I chose to go back to my past

I chose to do these difficult things

To help me find myself at last


Those happy and joyful things that bring me pleasure

The people and places that bring me pleasure

The activities and exercises that bring me pleasure

I am supposed to list all these things that bring me pleasure

I have written down a few and crossed them off again

These things are mediocre and might bring a little joy

I’m digging much deeper now, the point of this effort

To find my pleasure buttons and learn to press them more

My list is filled with simple things but truthful things

My family, my friends, my home and my children

Dancing, singing and writing this poem

A cup of coffee, good food and a good book

Watching a sunset and the glorious full moon

Walking and talking and meditating quietly

I have been doing more of these things that bring me pleasure

And so I have been experiencing much more pleasure



Today I have to write found poetry for the challenge. Not my favourite form, but I gave it a bash using words from the following article:

Day 7 Poetry intro Challenge: Flavour - found poetry

How do we taste flavour?

With five senses and five tastes

Receptors of deliciousness

Or bitter poison signals

We eat it with our mouth

But experience it with all our body



Screen wins me over

Screen wins me over
Day 6 Poetry intro Challenge: Screen - enjambment

I swore that I would never

trade bound pages for a screen. But then

I had no space left to pack even 1 book

for our holiday. That screen could

hold more than 100 books. It wouldn’t matter

if I finished one. I thought that I would just

try two. The app was free and so too

were many, many books. I started off with

three. Just for this vacation it would be. When

we got back I continued to finish the last

of those three. On the treadmill and the

stationary bike too. Waiting at the

doctor’s rooms and in a longer line than

expected at the pharmacy. My book is always

with me as I never leave home without

my phone. And because it’s on a screen

that lights up, I can even read it

in the dark. I still love the feel

of those paper books that I have not

read yet, but with space getting less

I’ll no longer need my own library at

home. So I’m increasing my three.

I will however need another

appointment with my optometrist.


Day 5 Poetry intro Challenge: Imperfect - limerick

I look down and see this imperfection

My body for which I have no affection

I look around and see ideal shapes and sizes

Envy and hate bubbles up and rises

But I learn from the perfect of their own dejection


The ride

The ride
Day 4 Poetry intro Challenge: Journey - similies

Don’t close your eyes in fear ‘cause life will just pass you by

The highway of life has the slow, the mellow and the rushed and angry

Those that live the ride and those that just want to reach their destination

They miss the beauty between here and there

Sometimes you’ve got to turn your head to the side

To enjoy all that life has to offer

The picture isn’t only in front of you

It’s made more interesting by everything that’s around

It’s the clouds above, the mountains to the right

And the little patch of water shining like a mirror to the left

It’s the crow on the fence post and the cows in the pasture

It’s the cosmos flowers signalling the coming of winter

All these things paint the wonder of life like a glorious master piece

If you face only forward you’re going to miss the best parts

We’ll all get to our final destination, but will we remember the ride?


Day 3 Poetry intro Challenge: Friend - acrostic

Much time I’ve spent on finding you

You had to be a special, caring being

Someone who would have only my best interest at heart

Enjoy my company, my humour and my successes

Love me just for who I am and be there always and forever

Friend I found you in the most unexpected place